Tyro The Epic

"Build, Encourage, and Motivate Faith"

Build, Encourage, and Motivate Faith
— Tyro The Epic

Dallas, Tx native Tyro The Epic is a powerhouse voice for today that booms with incredible impact. His flavorful mix-modern rap marries southern charm creates and enticing, can’t-get-enough-of-sound for listeners. Championing the movement, “Faith Over Fear” Tyro The Epic's clear mission is to build, encourage, and motivate faith! His passion to uplift and encourage others is evident in his music, engineering, partnerships and collaborations. With transparency as his focal point he aims to share his life and experiences, speaking precisely to those who wouldn’t traditionally give God the time of day. 


His first Project titled "The Call" lead with singles "I.WW.", "Free" and "First Time" identified his calling! His second and most celebrated project "Mix It With Faith: Recipe I" followed up with songs like "Keep The Dream Alive", "I AM Identity" and "I Ain't Playin". Tyro The Epic has inspired and motivated listeners all over the world! His third project titled "DARE" was a EP released in 2018! He has since released singles "Still", and "Opinions". For more music and updates follow Tyro The Epic on all social media platforms and visit his website www.tyrotheepic.com for upcoming performances and many more!


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